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In today’s age of everything imaginable going “virtual”, Mike has been on the cutting edge of bringing financial advising into the realm of the internet. He has developed a two-fold strategy in training other advisors on setting up a Virtual practice as well as meeting and working with clients in interactive web meetings.

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What is a virtual advisor?

A virtual advisor is unique because you are able to build a business that’s flexible. When you are able work virtually, you can offer a kind of service for your clients that meet their needs and schedule. Planners who will only meet in person cannot offer the same type of flexibility. You open your firm up to serve countless clients and not limited by your location.

Getting up and running is easy. Take a look at what you need to get up and running.


Great Mentor!

Mike is a fantastic mentor and teacher.  I feel very comfortable using the COW software because he has a way of making complex tasks seem manageable. He has a calm, easy going manner and is very well prepared when he conducts training.

Lynn Bridges, Bridges Wealth Preservation, Inc.
Financial Advisor
Superior Technical Skills

Mike Barber is one of the finest teachers/mentors in the financial services field.  His superior technical skills, sales skills, and teaching skills combine to provide the ultimate mentoring experience.  In our joint case work I was able to get paid while I learned how to close cases I wasn’t able to close before.

John Raines, John Raines Insurance, Inc.
Financial Advisor
Priceless Training

Using the Spending Game is extremely important to me in my practice and I wouldn’t know what I would have done these past years without him.

Financial Advisor